Event Rules / Precautions

Your Safety and Ours is the Highest Priority

The slide show of pics shown to the left are just a few examples juniors following the CDC recommendations for social distancing and USGA guidelines for not removing the flagstick.

Our Event Rules, Instructions, and Guidelines

  1. Follow all CDC, USGA, and local guidelines unless otherwise noted.

  2. Junior golfers arrive no earlier than 40 minutes prior to your tee time (this is to avoid all players arriving in large groups together) and keep social distancing at all times.

  3. If any junior golfer participant, family member, or guests have been exposed to COVID-19 or are showing any possible COVID-19 symptoms they are NOT allowed to be at the event.

  4. Junior Check-in will be at an outside location near the clubhouse or as specified. Juniors should approach one at a time (no line, keep social distancing, i.e. separation)

  5. Six (6) foot social distancing shall occur at all times and will be strictly enforced. Junior golfers are all walking the course and are to maintain 6 foot separation between each other before, during and after the event.

  6. Driving Range / Practice Facilities

    1. Maximum of eight (8) juniors on the driving range at a time (proper spacing will be adhered to) or per the course guidelines.

    2. Keep safe separation distance at all other practice facilities. See picture to left

  7. Junior golfers shall arrive at their assigned tee no later than 6 minutes before tee time and no earlier than 10 min before tee time.

  8. Spectators will keep 30 foot separation distance from junior golfers and if renting a golf cart will stay on the designated path.

  9. Parents may help search for lost golf balls.

  10. Each Junior will be given hard copy scorecard to record their score (NO scorecards exchanged). Scores will be recorded at the end of every hole both on scorecard and on phone (electronic scoring) and verbally verified with the entire group before teeing off the next hole.

  11. NO removal of flagsticks. There will be a foam floaty /pipe in cup or equal to keep ball from going to bottom of hole and for easy pick up. According to USGA Rule 13.2a (2) “There will no longer be a penalty if a ball played from the green hits a flagstick left in the hole.”). Lift, clean and place rule in effect in all sand traps so rakes are not to be touched.

  12. Junior golfer participants are to refrain from shaking hands, etc. For introductions or at completion of round, a head nod, tip of the hat or simple wave would work.

  13. Scoring table will be outside near clubhouse behind hole #18 or near the clubhouse). Wipes & hand sanitizer will be provided for use right after players complete their round. Each Junior golfer's scoring will be confirmed one at a time & a large TV leaderboard will show hole by hole scoring so players don’t need to congregate / violate 6’ rule.

  14. It’s strongly recommended that Parents / Players / Guests bring hand sanitizer and/or disinfectant wipes.